Celebrating Entrepreneurs Through Showcase Week

MUNCIE, IN—As the Muncie Innovation Connector, Inc. continues to lead the charge of “Celebrating Entrepreneurs in 2022,” our monthly Muncie Journal articles have highlighted several local entrepreneurs, their journeys, and what being an entrepreneur is all about. We have received many positive comments from Muncie Journal readers about how the articles have been insightful in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The Muncie community is home to many entrepreneurs and innovators, and we have much to celebrate. Businesses, especially small businesses, are vital to our community and beyond. I love this quote from Michael E. Gerber, founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies, “Don’t look at small business as a means to an end…look at it as a chance to create something of immeasurable value and beauty in a world that desperately needs it.” This is happening before our eyes every day in the Muncie community.

The Mission of the Innovation Connector is: To see job creation by providing guidance and entrepreneurial resources for individuals seeking to start or grow a business in East Central Indiana. In this light, I am thrilled to announce a new, week-long event-fest we call Entrepreneur Showcase Week, with twenty workshops, discussion groups, a tailgate party, lunch-and-learns, networking events, and more to take place from November 14 – November 19. All twenty events will happen at the Muncie Innovation Connector’s 1208 West White River Blvd facility. There will be business resources, learning opportunities, and support for nearly everyone – entrepreneurs, startup business owners, ideators, dreamers, and experienced business owners. Our hope is for the entire Muncie community to join together to celebrate entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs to gain valuable resources and knowledge to help with their business journeys.

In addition to celebrating Entrepreneur Showcase WeekGlobal Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated during this same week. The Muncie community will join the rest of the world to celebrate all things “entrepreneurial.” Tuesday, November 15, is officially National Entrepreneurship Day – celebrated worldwide. How great is that! And Saturday, November 19, is designated National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. That day, the Innovation Connector will host a brunch for women entrepreneurs at the Innovation Connector to celebrate their accomplishments, creativity, and impact on our communities.

A complete listing of all twenty events is available at www.showcaseweek.com. Here are several events from this special week that I want to highlight. Entrepreneur Showcase Week begins with a Mayoral Proclamation and press announcement by Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour. Mayor Ridenour has been an advocate and supporter of local businesses, demonstrated in his plan which distributed federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to Muncie small business owners. The Innovation Connector will present several awards at this event: – Technology-Business Entrepreneur of the Year, Life-Style Business Entrepreneur of the Year, and Community Impact Entrepreneur of the Year, and Restaurant Entrepreneur of the Year. A special Entrepreneur Mentor Legacy Award will also be awarded. All of this will be followed by coffee and donuts with Mayor Ridenour.

Several events will focus on resources for women-owned, minority-owned, and underserved businesses. These events include “Navigating Opportunities for Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses” presented by the Small Business Administration, and an event with the Ball State Entrepreneurial Institute’s Chic Innovate Program featuring women and business. There will be a session led by our friends at Madjax that will focus on Makers as Entrepreneurs.

There will be practical business sessions to assist everyday business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of these sessions include; “Tech Business Ideation Bootcamp – Starting and Growing a Tech Business,” “Continuing Education Opportunities for Small Business Owners,” “Start Your Own Business Workshop,” “Bookkeeping and Accounting – What your Small Business Needs to Know,” and “Creatively Marketing Your Business.” Shafer Leadership Academy will also host a lunch-and-learn workshop, Creating an Inclusive Work Environment for College Grads & Individuals with Disabilities, presented by Eskenazi Health.

In addition, there will be sessions on funding opportunities for small businesses, technology needs for entrepreneurs, “The importance of Side-Gigs,” and “How to Start or Grow a Restaurant.” Again, all sessions are designed with some level of entrepreneur and business ownership in mind.

I want to highlight two additional events scheduled during this week. On Tuesday, November 15, we will host a Tailgate Celebration at the Innovation Connector for business owners and entrepreneurs. That evening, Ball State Football will host Ohio University for some MAC action at Schumann Stadium. Before going to the football game, we invite Muncie business owners and entrepreneurs to join us for a hot dog, chips, and a drink – all for $1 per person. What a great time to network and celebrate! And on Wednesday, November 16, we will host a breakfast session titled “Entrepreneurial Mental Health Awareness – A Discussion.” This event is so relevant for today’s multi-tasking business owners and will feature local mental health professionals and business leaders.

Most events are FREE thanks to our amazing sponsors. Thank you to Muncie-based First Merchants Bank for their support as Entrepreneur Showcase Week’s Title Sponsor. Other important sponsors include Ralph Amos/R & R Engineering Company, Inc., Whitinger and Company, Northwest Bank, City of Muncie-Mayor Dan Ridenour, Ball State University Office of Community Engagement, Deltec Solutions, Pizza King, American Electric Power (AEP), Ivy Tech Community College, Jay-Crew Landscaping, Inc., Yorktown Chamber of Commerce, Muncie Delaware County Black Chamber of Commerce, Muncie Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Shafer Leadership Academy, MuncieJournal.com, Woof Boom Radio and WLBC Radio.

Event registrations will begin on September 19. There are still sponsorship opportunities available. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me at tbaker@innovationconnector.com for details.

For now, please mark your calendars to join us for Entrepreneur Showcase Week. More details and information will regularly be posted to www.innovationconnector.com and www.showcaseweek.com. The September MuncieJournal.com article will include interviews with several Entrepreneur Showcase Week sponsors and presenters. Until then, please support your local entrepreneurs and businesses – our community depends on it!

New Fall Coding Connector Schedule

Coding Connector is back with a new schedule for Fall 2022. The new fall schedule has classes available for grade school children Kindergarten through 8th grade with activities sure to spark their interest including Minecraft, robotics, Roblox, LEGOs and more!  Coding Connector combines a state-of-the-art facility with fiber based internet access, computer resources, an active marketing and business center and the absolute best coding instructors and facilities in our community. August and September classes are available for registration. Register your child(ren) for a fun and educational experience today!

July Summer Classes Recap

As July comes to a close, the Innovation Connector wrapped up its summer camps with the Lego Tech Camp and the Tech-Spark Weekend.

Lego Tech Camp


The Lego Tech Camp, led by the Coding Connector, challenged the middle school students with various STEM activities designed around space missions. They worked in groups of 3-4 to create Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robots and use code
in order to solve problems with the space station.


Tech-Spark Weekend

This year’s Tech-Spark Weekend happened from July 22nd-July 24th and was centered around tech entrepreneurship. This free tech weekend introduced the middle school students to the basics of starting a business using the three P’s: Plan, Prototype, and Presentation. At the end of the weekend, the student’s families were invited to come and watch as each student presented their start-up business idea.

Two Entrepreneurs – Different Paths

By Ted A. Baker, CEO/Executive Director, Muncie, Innovation Connector, Inc.—

MUNCIE, IN—The Innovation Connector’s vision states, “Our passion is to see that each person who has a dream to start or grow a business has every resource to be successful, and the economy of East Central Indiana flourishes.” This vision is being fulfilled every day at the Innovation Connector.

Throughout my career, I have worked with hundreds, maybe thousands, of entrepreneurs wanting to either know what needs to happen to start a business or how to grow a business. These entrepreneurs have come to me with various wild, crazy, unique, and creative ideas. They have taken different journeys to get to their destinations. For some, it is a dream to start a business; for others, it might be a passion project. Many have created businesses out of necessity to earn a living and support families. I have learned a lot about “side-gigs” – a way for someone with a business idea to start a business without giving up the day job. The one thing that is constant through all of my work with entrepreneurs is that I have never met two entrepreneurs who are alike. Maybe similar, but different in some aspects. I’ve heard it said, “If you’ve met one entrepreneur…you have met one entrepreneur.”  Wow, is this statement true!

This article will focus on two entrepreneurs I have worked with, assisting with their business needs. Both are on different paths, but with one central focus – to own and operate their own business. This work excites me and is why I love what I do at the Innovation Connector.

Lathay Peagues, founder and co-owner of JohnToms BBQ, has been in business since 2006. Lathay spent several years working in television and radio broadcasting, including a time with the Muncie Star Press. Lathay’s grandfather was known in the Muncie community for his BBQ sauce concoction. He made his special sauce for family and friends, but no one knew his secret recipe. So when Lathay’s grandfather passed away, so did the recipe for his BBQ sauce.

Hoping to duplicate the secret recipe, Lathay worked five years to replicate what his grandfather created because he missed it and wanted to “get that taste back.” Through this process and his grandfather’s inspiration, Lathay chose to remake his grandfather’s recipe with his added twist to “make it his own.” Thus, JohnTom’s BBQ sauce!

While working as a reporter for a Milwaukee television station, the station closed down. Lathay knew this was the perfect time to launch John Tom’s BBQ as a business – with a big vision and little money. Lathay contributes his early success to his dream and extreme drive. Lathay observed, “Everything is going against you when you decide to start a business – people and situations telling you why you shouldn’t be doing it. All I knew was I had to keep going!” The business’ first break came when Rick’s Café Boatyard in Indianapolis signed on as a client. Lathay thought, “If Rick’s Café Boatyard believes in this product, maybe we have something special here.” Lathay further said that a pivotal point in the business journey came when Ball State University signed on as the first college/university customer. “This was huge for us and forced us to think differently about our distribution and operating model.”  Since then, other universities such as Notre Dame, Indiana University, and others currently use JohnTom’s sauces.

While the business has continued to grow, so have the challenges. Lathay is very clear, “I love what I am doing. From the beginning, I sensed that God somehow was involved in this business and that I am part of that process.” For those who would like to turn their dreams into businesses, Lathay has a few words of advice. “First of all, do a self-inventory. Know who you are, and be honest with who you are. Recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses. Above all, be honest.”  He continued, “Starting a business is extremely hard work. It may not yield immediate results, so you must be ok with delayed gratification.”

JohnTom’s BBQ can be found in local grocery stores, online on Facebook, @johntomsbbq, www.johntomsbbq.com, and on Amazon. JohnToms is my personal favorite BBQ sauce, and I give it my full endorsement.

Please meet Dafina Kirk. Dafina is a mother of seven children, ages from 17 years old to 8 months old, who has more energy and ideas than 99.5% of all other humans I have met in my time at the IC. Dafina has seen the challenges of African American men and women attempting to start businesses and not understanding the resources available to guide them. She has seen many startup failures and businesses not making it, and she knew she could help! Her company, Adeedee Solutions, LLC, is serving emerging business owners by filling in the gaps in their business foundations, including business structure and proper accounting procedures. Adeedee provides analysis and internal audit services to identify gaps and shortcomings that hinder business growth. Dafina states, “Most businesses cannot even begin to apply for resources because their businesses do not have the proper business structure. My goal is to help these businesses advance. For example, many minority-owned businesses missed out on the federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP) due to not having the proper financial records or not having a local banking relationship. I can help people through these issues.”

Dafina’s journey as an entrepreneur has had many twists and turns. Starting as a cosmetologist, she learned the basics of business. Through the pandemic, she saw many black-owned companies struggle to stay in business, so she created Adeedee Solutions to answer this need. To get to know clients and for clients to know her, Dafina spends a lot of time networking in the Muncie community. One example, she hosted a free Informational Share titled, “In all thy doing, do good business” at the Muncie Library Kennedy Branch on July 15. More such discussions will take place in the future. To directly reach Dafina, please email her at adeeadeesolutions@gmail.com.

Lathay’s and Dafina’s paths, while different, are indicative of the journey of an entrepreneur. Both continue their journeys with emotion and passion for what they do, each with unique challenges to overcome. Determination is their guide, and having the willpower to succeed is a must. While Lathay and Dafina are highlighted in this story, they are somewhat typical entrepreneurs. Both are examples of people who are pursuing their dreams for the future.

If you have thoughts, ideas, and dreams about starting a business or need assistance growing your business, the Innovation Connector is a great place to start. Please feel free to contact us at 765-285-4900 or by emailing tbaker@innovationconnector.com. Next month’s article will unveil a special week of entrepreneurial celebrations that will take place at the Innovation Connector in November.



1208 W. White River Blvd.
Muncie, IN 47303
(765) 285-4900

Resident Client Spotlight – Karen Lloyd

Karen Lloyd is a business advisor at the East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which is proudly hosted by Ball State University. In her position, Karen engages with small business owners through no-cost, one-on-one support and community workshops that facilitate connections to people, tools, and resources that help clients start, grow, finance, innovate, and transition their businesses.

If you are interested in learning more about the East Central Indiana SBDC and its services or would like to schedule a meeting, please visit isbdc.ecenterdirect.com/signup or call 765-282-9950.

Mastering the Basics of Excel

If you are interested in an introductory Excel course, or if you simply need to refresh your memory on the software program, this is the training for you! Master the basics of Excel in this 2-day, 3-hour live workshop powered by Innovation Connector Inc.


Tuesday, August 30th 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Thursday, September 1st 1-2:30 p.m.


Innovation Connector

This is an interactive course. Please bring your own laptop/device.

Our instructor, Amy Logan, will have you walking through Excel like a boss on your next project.

When you are finished with these sessions you will be able to:

  • Navigate Excel so you can find everything you need
  • Use basic formulas to make calculations more reliable and quickly
  • Spruce up your work with formatting, borders, and charts

The 2-Day course registration fee is $99 per person. Service fees may apply. If you have any questions, please reach out to Natalie Smith, at nsmith@innovationconnector.com, or call 765-285-4900.

To register: click here

The Headshot Marathon

Join Foto Therapy for the Headshot Marathon, happening at the Innovation Connector this Friday.

When: Friday, July 15th from 9 am – 5 pm

Cost: $50 per person for a 15-minute session

Details: Arrive with your hair and makeup done

Reserve your timeslot HERE.



Resident Client Spotlight – Mark Slusher

Mark Slusher founded Endpoint Creative in 2014, a media production and digital marketing company that provides solutions to build their client’s image and brand awareness. Mark has over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and management for businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

Endpoint Creative focuses on professional media production including live streaming, corporate productions, podcast production, and more.

Mark moved Endpoint Creative to the Innovation Connector after outgrowing his workspace at home.  The space, the staff and services they provide have been pivotal to the growth of Endpoint Creative.

Need someone to produce your next video or podcast? Call Endpoint Creative at (765) 273-3231.

Coding Club Camp Recap

The Coding Club held two summer camps from June 6 – June 10 for grades K- and grades 3-5. The students had a blast learning about the basics of robotics and game design.


During the first day, they covered the basics of coding and robotics, covering all of the foundational work. Then on the second day, they jumped into game design with Scratch/Scratch Jr., a coding game builder software for kids.   

On the third and fourth days, the students learned about robotics and got to work with their hands designing functioning robots    

On the final day, the students put together all the skills that they learned to complete a passion project where they chose what to design and presented it to the group.


Ted Baker at the INT’L Conference on Business Incubation

Our very own Ted Baker represented the Innovation Connector at the INT’L Conference on Business Incubation in Atlanta, Georgia. Ted taught courses on Fostering Your Entrepreneurship Center’s Role in Your CommunityBuilding Profitable Programs That Serve Entrepreneurs, The Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs – A Look at Mental Health in Your ESO, and Leading Ecosystem Development in Your Region. At the INT’L Conference, Ted was able to share and teach others about the process of entrepreneurship and the steps to take to become a successful business owner. With these courses, aspiring entrepreneurs learned how to thrive in a competitive startup market, practices to develop services that are relevant to their target client audience, and how to create a healthy balance between work and life to avoid burnout to maintain a healthy state of mind. To learn more about the INT’L Conference on Business Incubation, visit click here.