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The road from idea to a sustainable business can be a challenging one. It’s even tougher to make alone. By partnering with the Innovation Connector, you get valuable access to the essential building blocks of a successful new business. We offer way more than just office space. See the portfolio of services we provide to Innovation Connector clients below.

  • Financial Services

    Whether you need help securing funds or managing daily financial operations, the Innovation Connector can assist you. Specific services offered to IC clients include:

    •  Capital Identification Assistance
    Local/Regional Loan Securing Consultation

    •  Quickbooks Setup & Training
    •  Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
    •  Cashflow Analysis

  • Business Consulting & Coaching

    Many entrepreneurs, while knowing their product/industry inside and out, are relatively inexperienced in knowing what it takes to launch and grow a business. That’s where our expertise comes into play. Our staff and partners offer insight and specific business consulting services such as:

    •  Business Planning
    •  Marketing Services
    •  Product/Company Branding
    •  Sales Analysis & Coaching
    •  Access to Training & Networking Seminars

  • Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Assistance

    Through an assessment of needs with a legal consultant, we can better connect you and your business to local and regional intellectual property resources while walking with you as a guide. Specific patent, trademark, and copyright services offered to IC clients include:

    •  Education
    •  Needs Assessment
    •  Technology Transfer Guidance

  • Networking & Training Opportunities

    The Innovation Connector has relationships with a multitude of organizations and entities that can help you move your business forward. In addition, we house many business/leadership training seminars, some of which IC clients can attend for reduced rates. Specific resources include:

    • Networking with other IC clients
    • Introductions to consulting/development partners
    • Access to training/business development seminars


    • Muncie Xtern
    • Small Business Seminars & Specialized Workshops
    • Women Business Owners Mastermind Groups
    • Connection Series

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