Spark It Muncie is an innovative opportunity for students to participate in workshops to learn more about technology.  The Tech-Spark Weekend was a jam-packed innovative weekend event for area middle schoolers. This weekend of learning ran from July 9-11, 2021, and kicked off with team-building exercises and introductions. During this three-day program, 24 middle school students learned the basics of app development, robotics, drone programming, and some introductory principles to business and marketing. 

After a vigorous 3-day workshop at the Innovation Connector on programming and technology development, each of the eight teams presented a robot, app, and/or drone they invented! After learning and creating the students presented their ideas to their families in person and virtually for those that couldn’t attend.

Every student who completed the Tech-Spark Weekend was given a drone kit to take home! Now they can continue to keep practicing their programming skills! This event was a phenomenal show of innovation, education, skill, and creativity. 

None of this would have been possible without funding from the George and Frances Ball Foundation and Techwise Academy for taking the time to educate and work with the middle school students. 

Pics of kids in tech