Innovation Connector hosted a workshop for middle school students where they learned about the Internet of Things. The students also discovered micro-controllers, breadboards, AI technology and more. Everyone who successfully attended the whole week were given their own Arduino Starter Kit to take home. This kit allows the students to continue learning about electronics and programming through hands-on projects. 

This in-depth workshop lasted from July 19th – 23rd and hosted 12 eager students. These middle schoolers were troopers and happily spent their Summer week from 9am – 1pm learning about the Internet of Things. 

The Spark I(o)T Introduction to the Incredibly Interconnected Internet of Things week kicked off with the students learning all about breadboards and how to create their own circuit to power lights. On the second day the kids disassembled servos and put them back together to fully understand the moving parts of their mini motors. The third day of the workshop was one full of laughs, the students programmed AI to recognize the difference between helicopters, cars, and humans. They got to use real life examples of the adults and cars in the IC parking lot and learned to be detailed in their descriptions to avoid discrepancies. The following days consisted of programming their lights to have sensors that detect motion. Overall, this weekend taught important lessons of technology and problem solving through trial and error. 

Sending a huge thank you to Josh Raines and the team from Raineman Solutions for being wonderful educators for the future generation. George and Frances Ball Foundation made this week possible and accessible for any interested middle schooler.