Forge Strength Designs Unique Fitness Service Website

August 6, 2015 – Muncie, Indiana – Darik Hall has always had a drive for entrepreneurial pursuits. He was constantly trying to come up with fun, new ideas pdarikertaining to fitness and technology. After creating several apps and comparing what works with what doesn’t, he noticed one thing. All you could with the information was read it. Why not apply the information in the midst of a workout? Using the database’s knowledge of equipment and muscles could allow an app to dynamically hide or swap out exercises you don’t have the equipment to do.

Forge Strength’s technology allows you to do just that! It gives you great workout ideas, but it also offers a unique approach to tracking them that enables the app to do more than plot points. It can find correlations between muscle groups, recommend exercises based on the equipment at your location, and much, much more. This allows the app to more accurately interpret a trainer or athlete’s intent which, in turn, translates to a more efficient workout experience. More progress, less plateaus, and less time wasted on trying to track it all.iphone-mockup


The app is currently under development, but don’t worry! You can still pre-register to get the latest updates and be the first to sign up when it’s available later this year! Point your browser to to pre-register and learn more.