Empowering Entrepreneurs in 2023

By Ted A. Baker, CEO/Executive Director, Muncie Innovation Connector—

MUNCIE, IN—After a successful initiative last year, Celebrating Entrepreneurs in 2022, the Innovation Connector has chosen a new theme for 2023: Empowering Entrepreneurs in 2023. While we will continue celebrating entrepreneurs, we believe the next step is to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners to be empowered – to learn, collaborate, and share their knowledge with others.  As I have expressed in prior articles, one key trait of a successful entrepreneur involves being a lifelong learner.  Because of rapidly changing technology, consumer market changes, continual demographic shifts, and current workforce shortages, it is now more critical than ever for businesses to understand the business landscape so changes and pivots can be made if necessary.

There are several ways for entrepreneurs and business owners to be lifelong learners.  First, be a reader.  This is the easiest way to engage in the learning process.  Books are available for nearly every topic, problem, opportunity, motivation, business success and failure, how to start a business, how to end a company, and the list goes on and on.  I did a quick Google search, “books about business and entrepreneurs,” resulting in 102 million hits in .74 seconds.  No one may know the exact number of books that have been written on this subject, but one thing we do know – it is a significant number! I have read many books on these topics and have accumulated quite a library.  I often utilize concepts I have learned from reading, which I can apply to my work at the Innovation Connector.  Subject matter experts share their knowledge for others to learn. We can learn so much from their advice and experiences.

Our reading does not have to be limited to only books. Reading articles from various publications can provide great insight into successful entrepreneurship.  Articles are usually topic-focused, meaning they are written with a limited topic scope.  An example would be an article about the legal issues of starting a business compared to a book that would include this topic in “How to Start a Business.”  Articles are easier to write, allowing for a greater range of thoughts on topics.  And there are plenty of written articles.  Again, a simple Google search, this time for “articles on entrepreneurs and business,” yielded 205 million hits in just.47 seconds.  I love reading articles for one simple reason – they are short!   Everyone in the business world is busy.  Our available time is limited.  Reading an article or two when I have the right time is meaningful, and I learn a lot.

Again, there are articles written about every business topic.  I recommend you find a magazine or publication that appeals and start creating a regular reading routine.  Karl LaPan, Director, UF Innovate/ Accelerate @ The Hub & Sid Martin BioTech, and a leading international expert on business development, is an avid reader and writer.  He believes entrepreneurs and business leaders must read regularly.  He writes, “Passionate entrepreneurs are engaged learners, and agile learning is integral to your relevance. By prioritizing agile learning, Founders foster a high-performance culture, nurture higher levels of engagement within their organization, and promote adaptability, intellectual curiosity, and collaboration between themselves, their stakeholders, and especially with their customers.”

A second way to be a lifelong learner is to network with like-minded leaders and people who inspire and challenge you.  This usually involves one-on-one time with others, including mentors, other leaders in their field, and maybe even a business coach.  Each of these is based on developed relationships.  This is one of the most meaningful and impactful ways to learn.  Ryan Carruthers, Content Marketing Manager at Together Software, expresses this in an article, 7 Reasons Mentorship is Integral to Growing Your Career.  She says, “A mentor will support you, cheer you on, provide feedback and advice, and help you define and reach your goals.  It can be a key relationship in your life and potentially impact your choices and career trajectory significantly.”

Being a business owner can be very lonely.  Because of sensitive topics that a business owner deals with, such as financial issues, employee changes, and a possible sale of the business, to name a few, it is not wise for a business owner to share this information with others in the business.  Many owners then keep this information to themselves and try to process how to handle it.  A trusted network of wise and experienced people can be a lifeline to the owner.  From my experiences, my contacts have always been willing to listen, provide opinions and advice, and, most importantly, encourage me.

I have attended many professional conferences during my time in business and my role at the Innovation Connector.  While learning subject material at these conferences is valuable and important, some of the most valuable takeaways are from discussions with my peers before and after sessions, in the conference lobby and hallways, and even during a meal.  And as a result of these experiences, I have accumulated a list of colleagues and experts I can contact anytime if needed. And I also am a resource for these colleagues.  Relationships matter and are a must for the lifelong learning journey.

A third way to be a lifelong learner is to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars, online or in-person, to develop skills, gain new ideas, and become more informed about subject matters of interest.  As I previously mentioned, I have attended many conferences and learning sessions during my professional career.  While some sessions may be different from what I was hoping for in the delivery of content, I have always been able to learn something.  And there is no shortage of events you can attend. Business associations usually host conferences that members and guests can attend.  Universities and colleges offer a plethora of business, and relevant events in that one can learn by participating.  Some organizations host workshops, seminars, webinars, and panel discussions in nearly every community.  This is true for the Muncie community.  The Indiana Small Business Development Center and The Shafer Leadership Academy, located in the Innovation Connector, offer various relevant events that community members can attend.  Both organizations provide quality and professional programming.  Please visit their websites (www.shaferleadership.com and https://isbdc.org/locations/east-central-indiana-sbdc/ ) to see what is being offered in 2023.

The Innovation Connector also hosts many events throughout the year. As part of our mission to “Empower Entrepreneurs in 2023,” the Innovation Connector is ramping up the number of programs offered in 2023.  This is being done as a direct result of the impact of the recent Entrepreneur Showcase Week.  A few examples of what is being planned include:

  • Providing Excellent Client Experiences – Based on the Disney model
  • Learning to Excel with Excel
  • Several workshops about marketing for small businesses, including social media and geofencing, and analytics
  • A course about Enneagram and how knowing your “number” can help in everyday life and business – presented by Jennifer Stanley
  • Coding Clubs, robotics, programming drones, and summer day camps for students in grades 2-8.
  • What parents and caretakers should know about their children’s devices, the internet, apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more
  • Securing your business’s internet, computers, and personal devices
  • What is Square Space?
  • Presentation Design
  • Women’s Peer Group Experience
  • Funding Opportunities for your business
  • And more…

Starting in February, a rolling list of courses offered by the Innovation Connector can be found at www.innovationconnectorevents.com.  Registration information, dates and times, and prices will also be posted on this website. Our office phone number is 765-285-4900 – Monday – Friday from 8 am – 4 pm, or email Natalie Smith, Events and Program Coordinator, at nsmith@innovationconnector.com.

This new year, 2023, is a perfect time to begin or continue our lifelong learning journeys.  I wish you well.

Save the Date: Entrepreneur Showcase Week is Back 2023!

In November 2022, the Innovation Connector hosted the first annual Entrepreneur Showcase Week to learn, network, and celebrate with the community’s entrepreneurs. The week was a huge success. Entrepreneur Showcase Week will return in 2023 with an exciting new theme of “Empowering Entrepreneurs”! Mark your calendars for November 13th – 17th for a fun, educational, and empowering week for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more information over the coming months about what’s in store for Entrepreneur Showcase Week 2023. Learn more

Announcing the Inaugural 2022 Entrepreneurs of the Year Award Winners

By Ted A. Baker, CEO/Executive Director, Muncie Innovation Connector, Inc.—

MUNCIE, IN—Since May of this year, the Innovation Connector has been planning and preparing for Entrepreneur Showcase Week in Muncie.  As a reminder, this event is unique to the Muncie community, and no other community has attempted anything like this.  Entrepreneur Showcase Week comprises twenty workshops, panel discussions, discussion groups, and networking groups during one week – all at the Innovation Connector facility.  Because of our very supportive sponsors, all but one event is FREE.

Why should you attend part of or all of the events during Entrepreneur Showcase Week?  Because there is something that can benefit all entrepreneurs and business owners.  I know that most business-minded people consider themselves “life-long learners.”  There is always more to learn, knowledge to share, and data to keep up with.  Over fifty Muncie area business owners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders will participate as presenters and panelists that will highlight topics such as:

  • Creative Marketing
  • Computers, IT, and Security for Businesses
  • How to Start a Business & How to Start/Grow a Restaurant
  • Developing a Startup Tech Business
  • Continuing Educational Opportunities for Business Owners
  • Mental Health Awareness and Work-Life Balance
  • Makers as Entrepreneurs
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Starting a Side-Gig
  • Providing Excellent Customer Experiences (from the Disney model)
  • And more

Additional sessions include a Tailgate Celebration for all entrepreneurs and business owners, a Women’s Brunch to celebrate International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and the Opening Kickoff Celebration to start Showcase Week at 8 am Monday, November 14.  Join us for a Mayoral Proclamation of Entrepreneur Showcase Week, donuts and coffee with Mayor Ridenour, and the Entrepreneurs of the Year Awards presentation.

The 2022 award winners include a special group of talented entrepreneurs in the Muncie community.  Each award winner contributes their success to others who have worked with them as their businesses started and grew.  So, in the true Spirit of Entrepreneurship, we are thrilled to announce the first-ever Entrepreneurs of the Year, and congratulations to each winner.

2022 Technology Business Entrepreneur of the Year

Kurt Harrington, Founder

OEM Combustion Service LLC

2022 Life-Style Business Entrepreneur of the Year

Bernisa Elliott

BE’s Beauty Inc. & Elliott Property Rentals

2022 Restaurant Entrepreneur of the Year

Lynn A. Moore

Café at the Crossing

2022 Community-Impact Entrepreneur of the Year

Tiara Hicks

Rosebud Coffee House

2022 Legacy Mentor Award

Peggy Cenova

East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center

Please join us during this Kickoff Celebration to celebrate the winners’ impact on our community. If you plan to attend, RSVP to nsmith@innovationconnector.com so we can ensure we have plenty of donuts!

Now is the time to celebrate entrepreneurs and business owners. And now is the time to register to attend events during Entrepreneur Showcase Week – go to www.showcaseweek.com.  For additional information, contact the Innovation Connector at 765-285-4900 or by email: at nsmith@innovationconnector.com.


Provide Your Clients with Excellent Customer Experience with this NEW Class

It’s almost time for Entrepreneur Showcase Week! We’ve got 20 great events in one week for those of you wanting to learn more about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Our newest added class, Providing Excellent Customer Experience, will be a practical session for all business owners and entrepreneurs discussing various aspects of excellent experiences and ways to implement them into their daily business. Join us for this FREE class on Thursday, November 17, 2022 from 6:00- 7:30 PM. You don’t want to miss this incredible event. You can register now at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/newly-added-providing-excellent-client-experiences-tickets-449427258027  See you there!

Why Entrepreneur Showcase Week?

By Ted Baker CEO/Executive Director, Muncie, Innovation Connector, Inc.—

MUNCIE, IN—With about one month to go before the Innovation Connector engages in the most extensive series of events for businesses and entrepreneurs in its history, I was recently asked the question, “Why is the Innovation Connector doing this?”  I thought that was a really good question, and I want to share my answer with you.

Over the past twelve-plus years of being at the Innovation Connector, I have met with many entrepreneurs and business owners who requested a need for training, services, or connections.  Being a business owner is difficult and oftentimes very lonely.  Understanding where to get a question answered about a business issue or how to make the best decision for a business is not easy to do.  While one part of the Innovation Connector’s mission is to serve the technology-based entrepreneurs with offices in our center, we also believe it is important for us to serve the businesses of the greater Muncie community.  We have done this over the years by coaching business owners, hosting workshops and educational opportunities, and partnering with other entrepreneurial service organizations.  The East Central Indiana Small Business Development Center and Bankable are organizations we have teamed with to provide these services.

As I have highlighted in previous articles, the Innovation Connector’s mission is “To see job creation by providing guidance and entrepreneurial resources for individuals seeking to start or grow businesses in East Central Indiana,” Our Vision Statement further states, “Our passion is to see that each person who has a dream to start or grow a business has every resource to be successful and the economy of East Central Indiana flourishes.” Entrepreneur Showcase Week is aligned with both our mission and vision and over the past years, our organization has served hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Entrepreneur Showcase Week will be a platform to expand our services, partnerships, and reach in the entrepreneurial community. There will be twenty separate events in one week at the Innovation Connector about various topics and best practices that we have observed as needs of entrepreneurs and business owners.  Entrepreneur Showcase Week is not “about” the Innovation Connector.  It is about the people we serve daily – business owners and others who want to start businesses. It is about providing resources and answering questions that we have been asked over the past years.  Entrepreneur Showcase Week is about networking with like-minded people. Those who dream like us and have big plans like us.  The workshops, panel discussions, and events are mostly led by business owners and entrepreneurs in our community. Entrepreneur Showcase Week is about learning together how we can make our businesses more successful, more profitable, and sustainable.

Entrepreneur Showcase Week is also a celebration.  A celebration of business owners who are successful, a celebration of entrepreneurs with dreams and aspirations of starting a business someday, and a celebration of a community that supports local business owners.  The Innovation Connector’s theme for this year is “Celebrating Entrepreneurs in 2022,” which is what we will continue to do.

This week would not be possible without the support of amazing sponsors and participating businesses.  Again, because of our generous sponsors, nearly all of the events are FREE to attend.  Thank you, sponsors, for investing in the Muncie business community.  A listing of all sponsors, as well as a complete listing of all events and descriptions, can be found at www.ShowcaseWeek.com.  If you plan to attend any of the events during Entrepreneur Showcase Week, please register at the same link.  Space is limited for most of the events, so register early to secure your place.  Since opening registrations on September 19, we have received many registrations, and events are filling up quickly.

Please come and celebrate with us – with your community.  Entrepreneur Showcase Week, November 14 – 19.  Visit www.showcaseweek.com, or call the Innovation Connector at 765-285-4900 for more information.

Entrepreneur Showcase Week: Registration Now Open!

The wait is up, registration is now open for Entrepreneur Showcase Week. A complete listing of all twenty events is available at www.showcaseweek.com. Here are several events from this special week.

Entrepreneur Showcase Week begins with a Mayoral Proclamation and press announcement by Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour.  The Innovation Connector will present several awards at this event: – Technology-Business Entrepreneur of the Year, Life-Style Business Entrepreneur of the Year, Community Impact Entrepreneur of the Year, and Restaurant Entrepreneur of the Year. A special Entrepreneur Mentor Legacy Award will also be awarded. All of this will be followed by coffee and donuts with Mayor Ridenour.

Several events will focus on resources for women-owned, minority-owned, and underserved businesses. These events include “Navigating Opportunities for Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses” presented by the Small Business Administration, and an event with the Ball State Entrepreneurial Institute’s Chic Innovate Program celebrating women entrepreneurs.

There will be practical business sessions to assist every kind of business owner and entrepreneur. Some of these sessions include; “Tech Business Ideation Bootcamp – Starting and Growing a Tech Business,” “Continuing Education Opportunities for Small Business Owners,” “Start Your Own Business Workshop,” “Bookkeeping and Accounting – What your Small Business Needs to Know,” and “Creatively Marketing Your Business.” And so much more! You don’t want to miss this amazing week of events as we celebrate entrepreneurs. Click HERE to learn more and to register for the events.

Registrations for Entrepreneur Showcase Week Now Open

MUNCIE, IN—Entrepreneurs play a major role in impacting nearly every component of the economy – as the biggest source of jobs and income for employees in the nation, by investing in community projects and financially supporting charitable causes. They are the drivers of new job creation, innovative products, and services and lead the way for social changes in our society.

Since announcing the activities of Entrepreneur Showcase Week in last month’s article, many businesses and entrepreneurs have committed their support of this twenty-events-in-one-week extravaganza. Entrepreneur Showcase Week will be unique for several reasons. First, to the best of my knowledge, nothing like this exists in any city anywhere. These events will be a great way to cap off the Innovation Connector’s focus on Celebrating Entrepreneurs in 2022.

Second, Entrepreneur Showcase Week will bring together the most diverse, inclusive, and variety of business people our community has ever seen.  There will be learning and networking opportunities for all entrepreneurs to benefit from to help either start or grow their businesses.  Entrepreneurs can participate in workshops about creative marketing, funding a business, bookkeeping and accounting best practices, how to start a business, and understanding IT needs and security for businesses.  Specialty sessions will include opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses, starting/growing a restaurant, the importance of side-gigs, and learning about entrepreneurs in the maker’s space.  And there is so much more. Please find a complete list of available sessions at www.showcaseweek.com.

Third, this week will be a week of partnerships and peer-to-peer training. Starting or growing a business is hard work. It literally takes a community to grow successful businesses.  Entrepreneur Showcase Week will highlight regular entrepreneurs in our community who have learned from both their successes and failures. They will lead workshop sessions and participate in panel discussions.  Many organizations are partnering to make this week special.  While the Innovation Connector is leading the charge, Ivy Tech Community College, the Indiana Small Business Development Center, the Small Business Administration, Ball State Entrepreneurial Institute, Madjax, the City of Muncie, and the Shafer Leadership Academy are among the partnering organizations.  It is in this spirit of working together that this week’s focus will be on supporting entrepreneurs and providing resources and tools to help their everyday needs.

One of the sponsors, Spotted Monkey Marketing, will be a presenter for the session, “Creatively Marketing Your Business.”  This session will be led by the owner, or Head of Monkey Business, Ashli Smith.  Ashli sees the potential impact of a week as this. “As a business owner and employer in the Muncie community, Spotted Monkey Marketing is thrilled to have an integral part of this event.  By offering such a wide variety of resources for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Showcase Week will impact the direction and successes of hundreds of businesses.  Our decision to be part of it is a no-brainer. “Ashli and her team are also very involved in this project by providing the graphics, website work, print, and social media marketing, as well as décor that will be in the Innovation Connector. “We chose Ashli and Spotted Monkey to work with us on this project because of their energy level and vision for small businesses in our community,” says Lori Albert, Financial Director at the Innovation Connector. “Their passion shows through in their work.”

Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour has expressed his excitement for Entrepreneur Showcase Week and will make a proclamation as such during the first session that kicks off the week on Monday, November 14, at 8 am.  Ridenour stated, “A thriving small business community is a mark of economic vitality, quality of life, and forward momentum. I am so proud that Muncie is a place where anyone can start a business and access the resources, coaching, networking, and support they need to build a legacy. Starting a business is a labor of love, and The City is proud to celebrate and support our local entrepreneurs.”

First Merchants Bank is the Title Sponsor for Entrepreneur Showcase Week.  Many thanks go to Market President Jeff Parsons and his team for supporting this event and for the ongoing support of the Innovation Connector and businesses throughout our community.  Jeff is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Innovation Connector.  As a sponsor and directly involved in the work of the Innovation Connector, Jeff’s perspective is unique to this week of events.  “I am confident the events and activities during the 6 days of the 2022 Entrepreneur Showcase in November will be impactful.  To no surprise, the Innovation Connector team has collaborated with a diverse group of community partners to assure there is an added value to all who attend.  The event will also highlight the ongoing, year-round support and commitment provided by the Innovation Connector team to encourage and assist small business creation and innovation in our community and region.  First Merchants Bank is proud to support this unique and positive event. “

Registration for all events is open now at www.showcaseweek.com. While most of the events are FREE to attend, we are requesting participants so we can properly plan for space, food, printed materials, and more for each event.  If you have any questions or wish to be part of Entrepreneur Showcase Week, please do not hesitate to contact us at 765-285-4900. Thank you in advance for your participation and support in making this event a success.  In October’s article, we will announce the winners of the five categories of the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.  Please register for events, and if you know an entrepreneur, currently in business or not, please spread the word about this event.

Entrepreneur Showcase Week powered by Innovation Connector

As the Muncie Innovation Connector, Inc. continues to lead the charge of “Celebrating Entrepreneurs in 2022,” our monthly Muncie Journal articles have highlighted several local entrepreneurs, their journeys, and what being an entrepreneur is all about. We have received many positive comments from Muncie Journal readers about how the articles have been insightful in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The Muncie community is home to many entrepreneurs and innovators, and we have much to celebrate. Businesses, especially small businesses, are vital to our community and beyond. I love this quote from Michael E. Gerber, founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies, “Don’t look at small business as a means to an end…look at it as a chance to create something of immeasurable value and beauty in a world that desperately needs it.” This is happening before our eyes every day in the Muncie community.

The Mission of the Innovation Connector is: To see job creation by providing guidance and entrepreneurial resources for individuals seeking to start or grow a business in East Central Indiana. In this light, I am thrilled to announce a new, week-long event-fest we call Entrepreneur Showcase Week, with twenty workshops, discussion groups, a tailgate party, lunch-and-learns, networking events, and more to take place from November 14 – November 19. All twenty events will happen at the Muncie Innovation Connector’s 1208 West White River Blvd facility. There will be business resources, learning opportunities, and support for nearly everyone – entrepreneurs, startup business owners, ideators, dreamers, and experienced business owners. Our hope is for the entire Muncie community to join together to celebrate entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs to gain valuable resources and knowledge to help with their business journeys. 

In addition to celebrating Entrepreneur Showcase Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated during this same week. The Muncie community will join the rest of the world to celebrate all things “entrepreneurial.” Tuesday, November 15, is officially National Entrepreneurship Day – celebrated worldwide. How great is that! And Saturday, November 19, is designated National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. That day, the Innovation Connector will host a brunch for women entrepreneurs at the Innovation Connector to celebrate their accomplishments, creativity, and impact on our communities.  

A complete listing of all twenty events is available at www.showcaseweek.com. Here are several events from this special week that I want to highlight. Entrepreneur Showcase Week begins with a Mayoral Proclamation and press announcement by Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour. Mayor Ridenour has been an advocate and supporter of local businesses, demonstrated in his plan which distributed federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to Muncie small business owners. The Innovation Connector will present several awards at this event: – Technology-Business Entrepreneur of the Year, Life-Style Business Entrepreneur of the Year, and Community Impact Entrepreneur of the Year, and Restaurant Entrepreneur of the Year.  A special Entrepreneur Mentor Legacy Award will also be awarded.  All of this will be followed by coffee and donuts with Mayor Ridenour.  

Several events will focus on resources for women-owned, minority-owned, and underserved businesses. These events include “Navigating Opportunities for Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses” presented by the Small Business Administration, and an event with the Ball State Entrepreneurial Institute’s Chic Innovate Program featuring women and business.  There will be a session led by our friends at Madjax that will focus on Makers as Entrepreneurs.   

There will be practical business sessions to assist everyday business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of these sessions include; “Tech Business Ideation Bootcamp – Starting and Growing a Tech Business,” “Continuing Education Opportunities for Small Business Owners,” “Start Your Own Business Workshop,” “Bookkeeping and Accounting – What your Small Business Needs to Know,” and “Creatively Marketing Your Business.”  Shafer Leadership Academy will also host a lunch-and-learn workshop, Creating an Inclusive Work Environment for College Grads & Individuals with Disabilities, presented by Eskenazi Health.  

In addition, there will be sessions on funding opportunities for small businesses, technology needs for entrepreneurs, “The importance of Side-Gigs,” and “How to Start or Grow a Restaurant.” Again, all sessions are designed with some level of entrepreneur and business ownership in mind.  

I want to highlight two additional events scheduled during this week. On Tuesday, November 15, we will host a Tailgate Celebration at the Innovation Connector for business owners and entrepreneurs. That evening, Ball State Football will host Ohio University for some MAC action at Schumann Stadium. Before going to the football game, we invite Muncie business owners and entrepreneurs to join us for a hot dog, chips, and a drink – all for $1 per person. What a great time to network and celebrate! And on Wednesday, November 16, we will host a breakfast session titled “Entrepreneurial Mental Health Awareness – A Discussion.” This event is so relevant for today’s multi-tasking business owners and will feature local mental health professionals and business leaders.  

Most events are FREE thanks to our amazing sponsors.  Thank you to Muncie-based First Merchants Bank for their support as Entrepreneur Showcase Week’s Title Sponsor.  Other important sponsors include Spotted Monkey Marketing, Ralph Amos/R & R Engineering Company, Inc., Whitinger and Company, Northwest Bank, City of Muncie-Mayor Dan Ridenour, Ball State University Office of Community Engagement, Deltec Solutions, Pizza King, American Electric Power (AEP), Ivy Tech Community College, Jay-Crew Landscaping, Inc., Yorktown Chamber of Commerce, Muncie Delaware County Black Chamber of Commerce, Muncie Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Shafer Leadership Academy, The Muncie Journal, Woof-Boom and WLBC Radio.  

Event registrations will begin on September 19. There are still sponsorship opportunities available. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me at tbaker@innovationconnector.com for details.