An Innovation Connector Success Story: Nate Spell

Many business incubators and business start-up support organizations employ on staff an Entrepreneur-in-Residence.  This person is mainly responsible for coaching entrepreneurs who deal with a myriad of details to start and grow their businesses.  An Entrepreneur-in-Residence usually has been a business owner and can share practical insights with people who have never started a business before.

At the Innovation Connector, we mixed this up a little.  Please meet Nate Spell, the IC’s Young-Entrepreneur-in-Residence.  Nate is 17 years old and is a high school senior.  Nate started a business several years ago called THEM Magazines which features stories and developer content for the ROBLOX gaming platform. Quite remarkably, Nate was invited to the 2016 ROBLOX Developers Conference in Silicon Valley.  In November of 2016. Nate was honored by the Innovation Connector with the “Young Innovator’s Award” at the Excellence in Innovation Awards Banquet.

Like most entrepreneurs, Nate wants to grow his business. Although he is an “expert” in his craft, Nate admits he has a lot to learn when it comes to growing his business, managing employees, and keeping track of the finances. With this in mind, and with the permission of his parents, the IC invited Nate to be our Young-Entrepreneur-in-Residence.  He is now occupying his own office space, Suite # 112, for six months. But this opportunity also comes with responsibilities and expectation. Nate had to submit a list of goals that he wishes to accomplish while at the IC. These goals will soon have timelines and milestones to chart Nate’s progress.  As a client in the IC, Nate will be afforded the services available to other clients: coaching, advising, financial records assistances, marketing, branding assistance, connection opportunities and more.  Simply said, the IC will wrap Nate with all of its services that allows him the best opportunity to succeed.

Nate took a risk and reached out to others seeking guidance and help.  It was there for him. He needed assistance with legal business issues, locating a video team to shoot a commercial for a conference and answers to the one million questions that need to be answered by a person starting a business for the first time.  Nate Got Connected at the Innovation Connector. That’s what we do – that’s who we are.

The IC’s goal is to connect with the entrepreneurs of today as well as the entrepreneurs of the future.  We believe that investing the IC’s resources toward someone like Nate is just one step in the future of our community and our world.  Get Connected.