Innovation Connector Launches Business Health Check at Muncie on the Move

On June 4, 2024, the Innovation Connector proudly introduced its new Business Health Check program during the Greater Muncie Chamber of Commerce’s Muncie on the Move event held at the Horizon Center. This exciting initiative is designed to provide businesses with expert guidance to improve their performance and ensure long-term success.

Mrs. Smith, Nurse Smith & Dr. Baker: Photo courtesy of Matt Howell

The highlight of the event was a memorable short skit by Ted Baker, who took the stage dressed as Dr. Baker, Kirsten Smith, playing the part of the struggling business owner, Ashli Smith, playing the nurse and Natalie Smith playing the narrator.  (No relation between all the Smiths!) In a creative and engaging skit, he diagnosed the business ailments of Mrs. Smith, providing a vivid illustration of the types of issues the Business Health Check program aims to address.

Business Health Check, Your Business RX, offers a comprehensive analysis of various critical business components, including:

  • Business Analysis of Financial Performance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Risk Assessment
  • Adaptability
  • Health and Wellness Review of Organizations, Business Owners, and Leaders
  • Narrator Smith: Photo courtesy of Matt Howell

    During the presentation, attendees gained valuable insights into how the Business Health Check can help identify weaknesses and strengths within their operations, much like a medical check-up.

    The Innovation Connector is proud to be a member of the Greater Muncie Chamber of Commerce and appreciates those in attendance for Muncie on the Move.  For more information about the Business Health Check, please click here.