Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Faith Driven Entrepreneur Group at Muncie’s Innovation Connector

Exploring the intersection of faith and entrepreneurship, The Faith Driven Entrepreneur Group/Book Study at the Innovation Connector in Muncie has been a dynamic forum for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Anchored around the book “Faith Driven Entrepreneur,” participants engage deeply, discussing how their values, habits, and traits contribute to their success.

Led by Ted Baker, CEO of the Muncie Innovation Connector, Inc., this four-week program has invited everyone, regardless of their faith beliefs, to delve into the principles outlined in the book. By weaving faith into the fabric of entrepreneurship, this group has aimed to build businesses, serve our communities, and nurture a deeper connection with God.

Two successful sessions have already been held, fostering great discussions among group members. The upcoming sessions are on Wednesday, May 22, and Wednesday, June 5.