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Alexis Dishman Helps People ‘Get Connected’ At The Innovation Connector

Alexis Dishman is Administration Director at the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Muncie, IN — Over the last few months, MuncieJournal.com has featured a series of articles about the Innovation Connector and how it “connects” entrepreneurs, businesses and community organizations with each other. By now, you’ve probably learned that the Innovation Connector is a primary “place of connection” for people needing business development resources.

When you walk into the Innovation Connector, your first point of “connection” will often be the smiling face belonging to Alexis Dishman.

Alexis is one of the Innovation Connector’s “key connectors.” She helps make connections for clients, stakeholders, and partners within the components of our community’s larger entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Alexis is one of those people that other people look for—not only to ask for assistance, but for what she can do, ” said Ted Baker, Executive Director of the Innovation Connector.

As the Administration Director, Alexis helps to communicate the Innovation Connector’s message through many different avenues.

“I have a variety of different jobs that I am responsible for and enjoy. I make sure everything runs smoothly at the Innovation Connector (IC) and that our clients are taken care of first,” said Alexis. “When your business is a part of the IC community, you can focus on your business. No need to worry about your printer not working, or scheduling meeting space, or someone to help you welcome your customers. I am here to coordinate all of that for you!”

Judy Porter (L) is assisted by Alexis Dishman (R) at the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

As Muncie’s premier business incubator, the Innovation Connector is currently home to 21 businesses and 14 partnership businesses.

“As a tenant of the Innovation Connector, BSIC has the same needs as many small start-ups—Convenient and flexible meeting space without paying for it, telephone and reception services without hiring someone, and a professional atmosphere without investing in the people and hospitality required to create it. The Innovation Connector provides these services for all its clients, and the friendly, helpful smile who delivers these amenities with friendly professionalism is Alexis Dishman.  Alexis does a tremendous job, and does her job in a tremendous way!” — Wil Davis, President, Ball State Innovation Corporation

Event Coordination

The Innovation Connector has become well known, both locally, regionally and nationally, for its events that spotlight the needs of an entrepreneur.

Alexis leads event coordination along with Ted Baker, Executive Director, and Lori Albert, Financial Director. “We often joke about being a small team,” said Alexis when asked how she does all she does. “We all step in and help each other. We do it all together.”

This dynamic team hosts the annual Big Idea Pitch and Excellence in Innovation Awards.

“Alexis has been instrumental in making our coding classes a success at the Innovation Connector.  She handles all of the event coordination which allows us to just show up and instruct.  She also goes out of her way to make sure the experience is amazing for our students,” said Ryan Hunter, Co-Founder, TechWise Academy. “To this day, they still remember the special ‘Potion of Healing’ Minecraft-themed water bottles she made for our first Minecraft party almost three years ago!”

 Marketing and Networking

“Beyond the walls of the IC, it is important to convey the message of who we are and what we do here,” said Ted Baker. “Alexis does an outstanding job making sure our website is always current and up to date, not only for the IC as a whole, but for our clients, as well.”

Social media messaging is a skill that Alexis leverages across a variety of platforms, along with internal promotional opportunities that include an IC community bulletin board and collateral space.

“Alexis often serves as the first point of contact between my clients and my law office,” said Leslie Mathewson, Attorney and President, Mathewson Law, P.C.  “She helps put them at ease, in an often stressful situation, with her welcoming smile and gestures.  She helps to fill in the gaps for my business when necessary even though she is not a part of my staff.  She is often the traffic controller of the Innovation Connector with the clients and businesses and visitors.  She is very knowledgeable, caring, welcoming and helps to bring in fresh new ideas to the Innovation Connector and to my business.”

Attorney Leslie Mathewson is pictured inside the lobby area of the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

“The Innovation Connector has a community feel that I enjoy,” continued Alexis. “When you rent office space somewhere else you get an office, a desk and a chair.  But at the IC, that’s only the beginning!”

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The Innovation Connector will get you connected. Because that’s our business.

For more information on the Innovation Connector’s services, contact Alexis Dishman at: akdishman@innovationconnector.com or call 765.285.4900.