Innovation Connector Announces Acquisition of TechWise Academy, LLC

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Innovation Connector Announces Acquisition of TechWise Academy, LLC

Muncie, IN – Innovation Connector, Inc., a full-service entrepreneurial resource center and part of the Ontario Place Certified Technology Park, proudly announces its acquisition of TechWise Academy, LLC, a STEM education business known for its innovative approach to technology education.

This strategic merger represents a significant step forward in fulfilling the missions of both the Innovation Connector and TechWise Academy to bridge the digital divide and provide opportunities for individuals to acquire essential coding skills. By officially combining forces with TechWise Academy, the Innovation Connector’s goal is to leverage the expertise of TechWise Academy and its experience in the STEM education domain to expand the impact in the Muncie community.

“We are thrilled about this merger and the opportunities it presents to fulfill our shared mission of empowering our community with STEM knowledge and skills,” said Ted Baker, CEO at Innovation Connector. “Together, we are committed to providing accessible and inclusive technology education, fostering innovation, and inspiring the next generation of tech leaders.”

With this merger, Innovation Connector will now assume the responsibilities of TechWise Academy while maintaining its familiar name.

Effective October 1, 2023, the current name, Coding Connector, will be known as TechWise Academy, powered by the Innovation Connector. Baker explains,  “This collaboration will enable our organization to offer a broader range of educational programs, workshops, and online courses designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.”

“We have always had a great partnership with the Innovation Connector,” says Ryan Hunter, Co-Founder of TechWise Academy. “The physical space is top-notch, and the support from their team has been great. We’ve been aligned from day one on our mission to expand computer science education in our area. This official merger will combine resources to synergistic effect to our impact.”

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About Innovation Connector, Inc.: Innovation Connector, Inc. is a full-service entrepreneurial resource center and part of the Ontario Place Certified Technology Park. Our mission is to see job creation by providing guidance and entrepreneurial resources for individuals seeking to start or grow businesses in East Central Indiana.

About TechWise Academy, LLC: TechWise Academy, LLC has been a leading coding instructional business known for its comprehensive approach to computer science education. Its mission is to teach coding and computer science to children, K-12, and adults, introducing them to new ways to solve problems and explore curiosity and creativity