Downtown Focused Business: New Corner Brewing Company

Sean Brady loves beers. He loves the art of crafting special beers. Sean changed his hobby into a business model and New Corner Brewing Company was formed. However the details of starting a business were somewhat overwhelming for Sean. Focusing on being part of Muncie’s downtown was important to Sean and the development of his business. Since winning the BIG Pitch, Sean has found new ways to connect to the Muncie community. He now regularly features his four different hand-crafted beers at gatherings and events which continually opens his business to new clientele. Sean is still currently working hard to build out his near-downtown location and expects to open in the near future. Sean attributes his involvement in the BIG Pitch to opening his craft to new client markets and has made many great relationships as a result of the competition. The cash prize, as well as the awarded services, was instrumental in assisting Sean to master a few new challenges and hurdles.