2018 Excellence in Innovation Award Winner Highlight – Accutech Systems Corporation

On Wednesday November 14th, The Innovation Connector celebrated innovation within our community at our Excellence in Innovation Awards Dinner. Five businesses were recognized for showcasing innovation in their day to day business activity. One of those five businesses are highlighted below.

Accutech Systems Corporation (ASC)

Adam Unger (left) was awarded a 2018 Excellence in Innovation Award for showcasing innovation in his business.

Adam Unger is President of Accutech Systems Corporation (ASC), and has been working with ASC since 1999.  Prior to becoming President, his roles included:  Inside Sales, Director of Marketing and COO.  Adam is responsible for setting the vision for the company and developing long-term strategic initiatives.  Adam leads the internal executive team and outside board of advisors.

Accutech Systems Corporation is a software solutions company serving the wealth management industry.  With their team serving over 250 clients, they believe that wealth management is more than just tracking numbers, it is about relationships and they believe relationships are about service. ASC was founded in 1987 and currently has 75 employees with twenty of those employees hired on in 2018.

Accutech takes the bureaucracy out of doing business and brings trust back into the equation.  They partner with their clients by providing technology and services focused on making great things happen for other people.

You can learn more about Accutech Systems Corporation by visiting their website. https://www.trustasc.com/