ECI Regional Planning District propose $300k solution for defunct manufacturing sites in Muncie, New Castle, and Anderson

Muncie – The ECI Regional Planning District has submitted a joint grant application for $150,000 in financing from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to assist in developing a plan to address the redevelopment and marketing of defunct automotive manufacturing sites located in Anderson, Muncie, and New Castle. If awarded, each city has promised to pledge an additional $50,000 grant match to assist in addition to providing the necessary resources to see the project through to completion. Several of the sites being targeted by this project are the former BorgWarner, Chevrolet, and Delco Battery plants of Muncie, the Guide Lamp and Delco-Remy plants of Anderson, and the Chrysler related plants in New Castle. The final decision from the EDA on the approval of this grant is expected in early September. More details will be forthcoming.