Providing Excellent Client Experience

Join us on Thursday, September 7, 2023 for an insightful workshop on providing excellent client experiences. THIS WORKSHOP IS FREE!

It is the goal of most businesses to provide excellent customer service. While this sounds great, most businesses do not have a plan to make that happen. And even more concerning is that they have no processes or initiatives to empower employees and customer-facing team members with adequate tools to deal with customer service issues.

This session will be a practical session for all business owners and entrepreneurs discussing various aspects of Providing Excellent Customer Experiences and ways to implement them into their daily business. While customers are the core component of a business, dealing with them can be difficult and tiring. This workshop will be instructed by Ted Baker, CEO/Executive Director of the Innovation Connector, who has been trained at Disney’s Institute of Customer Experience. By participating in this session, you will receive tools and resources utilized by Disney to help turn customer complaints into happy and returning customers.

It is suggested to bring a note-taking object as much of this information can apply to your business and daily lives.

Please register for this event so that we can plan accordingly. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Natalie Smith, Program and Events Coordinator, by emailing or by calling 765-285-4900. We look forward to seeing you!

Spotlight – State Collection Service

State Collection Service understands that receivables management in healthcare means more than just account recovery. Your reputation in the community is one of your most valuable assets. Their service reflects directly upon your organization, so they take great care in training their staff to treat your patients with respect and dignity by using a personalized, consultative approach in their communication practices. They provide you with peace of mind while enabling you to maintain your organization’s mission. At State, they recognize that the relationship between a healthcare provider seeking account resolution and an agency like theirs is crucial. They work hard to establish and maintain trust, which is evident in the fact that the majority of their clients have been with them for years, sometimes even decades. Learn more about State Collection Service here