The Innovation Connector is a traditional full-service business resource center (incubator) with the main purpose of supporting and accelerating the creation of successful technology-based and emerging companies in the Muncie community. One way this is accomplished is by advancing the entrepreneurial culture within businesses, schools, families and organizations. Current research indicates that “coding” is the new language of the next generation. Nearly half of the top jobs in demand in the United State are directly related to coding and programming.

With an eye on the future of our community, the Innovation Connector launched the Coding Connector on January 1, 2017 to help fill this need.  This initiative is intended to reach school aged youth in first through twelfth grades.  The courses offered are for females and males, beginners and advanced, and students from all social-economic backgrounds.

By teaming with TechWise Academy, the Coding Connector combines a state-of-the-art facility with fiber based internet access, computer resources, an active marketing and business center and the absolute best coding instructors and facilities in our community.

Please consider having your daughters and sons join us on this exciting and educational journey.  Coding does not have to be difficult to learn and we make it fun to learn.  Please join us as we teach your children …

“the NEW Language of the Future.”

New Classes Coming Soon. 

Foundations Track

Foundations Level 0

Target Audience:  Pre-K – 2nd Grade
Prerequisites:  None
Cost:  $20

Introduce coding concepts to pre/early readers! You might have a future coder at home that will love this class!


  • Learn the basics of programming using Scratch Jr.
  • Learn how to create algorithms (step-by-step instructions) for computers
  • Create a fun, interactive game during their first class!

Foundations Level 1-3

Target Audience: 3rd – 5th Grade
Perquisites: None
Cost:  $30 per Class Levels 1, 2 or 3 (2 hour courses each) or

Cost:  $50 for Day of Code which includes Level 1 & 2 – This class usually takes place on Saturdays from 9am-2:30pm with lunch being provided for each student

Are you interested in programming? Do you love video games, or do you just want to know how to make computers do cool things? Join us for 2 hours or 4 hours of coding fun and learn the basics of programming and create a game from scratch!


Level 1 – Introduction to Programming, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

  • Hour of Code – learn problem solving, critical thinking, and essentials of programming
  • Learn programming methods like loops, if statements, and events
  • Create a video game using Scratch with all of the lessons learned during class

Level 2 – Basics of Programming, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

  • Learn powerful programming methods like nested loops, functions, and advanced event handling
  • Create a more advanced video game using Scratch to share with family and friends

Level 3 – Intermediate Programming

  • Learn more advanced uses of functions and if/else statements
  • Customize functions
  • Create an advanced game using Scratch to share with family and friends

Game Design Track

Scratch Level 1

Target Audience:  4th-8th Grade
Prerequisite:  Familiarity with Scratch or completion of Foundation: Levels 1-3
Cost:  $75
Scratch is a great way to learn how to create games. Our Foundations courses are where we introduce you to Scratch, and now it’s time to take Scratch to the next level! This course is taught over 3 sessions and will take you deeper into Scratch and create more complex games!


  • Learn about user interface design
  • Use advanced programming concepts such as variables, events, objects, control statements, loops
  • Use math to create gravity, angles, and more challenging game functions

Unity Level 1

Target Audience:  8th-12th Grade
Prerequisite:  Basic knowledge of computers and how to save/open files.
Cost:  $200

Want to write code and create a real game? Unity3D is a powerful tool that helps you easily create 3D games and applications for mobile, desktop, web, and consoles. In this course, you will learn how to create a game that can be run on PC, consoles, web, and mobile devices! This course is taught over 5 sessions and builds a strong foundation for game design!


  • Code in C# (a Microsoft object-oriented programming language)
  • Create scripts to control your game
  • Learn basic 3D modeling to create their game environment
  • Deploy your game to be run on your PC and more


Minecraft Party

Target Audience: 3rd-8th grade
Prerequisite:  None
Cost:  $20

Join us for a fun event to hang out, enjoy gaming, and learn about modding and programming for Minecraft!


  • Enjoy playing Minecraft with other people at the event
  • Learn how to create mods with Command Blocks
  • Share your great creations with the class and parents

Kodu Game Lab Party

Target Audience:  4th-8th grade
Prerequisite:  None
Cost:  $20

Do you love playing video games? Do you want to make your own? Learn about the Kodu Game Lab and spend time creating games with your friends.


  • Get introduced to the Kodu Game Lab
  • Learn how to create an interactive game
  • Create a game and share with the class and parents


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Miss one of the featured tracks or have an idea for another party – please let us know!

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