Ted Baker at the INT’L Conference on Business Incubation

Our very own Ted Baker represented the Innovation Connector at the INT’L Conference on Business Incubation in Atlanta, Georgia. Ted taught courses on Fostering Your Entrepreneurship Center’s Role in Your CommunityBuilding Profitable Programs That Serve Entrepreneurs, The Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs – A Look at Mental Health in Your ESO, and Leading Ecosystem Development in Your Region. At the INT’L Conference, Ted was able to share and teach others about the process of entrepreneurship and the steps to take to become a successful business owner. With these courses, aspiring entrepreneurs learned how to thrive in a competitive startup market, practices to develop services that are relevant to their target client audience, and how to create a healthy balance between work and life to avoid burnout to maintain a healthy state of mind. To learn more about the INT’L Conference on Business Incubation, visit click here.